Documentary ‘The suitcase of Marlow Moss’ by Studio Haak en Visser

Fifi Visser, from Studio Haak en Visser in Middelburg, has submitted an application to the Family Fund for a financial contribution to her latest documentary: ‘The Suitcase of Marlow Moss’. The documentary will be produced in cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, de Vleeshal in Middelburg, Omroep Zeeland and filmmaker AndrĂ© van der Hout.

It is a short documentary about the writer Netty Nijhoff (the wife of Martinus Nijhoff) and her lover, the paintress Marlow Moss. The film is about the period that they lived (sometimes all three of them) in Groot-Valkenisse (then still municipality Biggekerke) and devoted themselves to art: painting and writing. Earlier, the Family Fund supported the documentary ‘Tijdgravers’ by Studio Haak and Visser, a film about the Royal Zeeland Scientific Society.

Because the application fits within the objectives of the Family Fund, the Administrators have recently approved the application.

Interested? Watch the prologue of the documentary here (in Dutch).

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