Report of a visit to KNRM rescue station Westkapelle

In 2020, the Fund contributed to the purchase of a dozen safety beacons for the KNRM at Westkapelle. These beacons are the size of a mobile phone and are worn in the breast pocket of the rescuers, the so-called “embarkers”. If they fall overboard during a rescue operation, which is not inconceivable in stormy weather, this beacon activates itself and sends signals to the Coastguard and the rescue boat so that the person can be found quickly. This beacon contributes enormously to the safety of these brave volunteers who go out at ungodly hours to rescue others.

As a thank you for this gift, we (Titia Bosch van Rosenthal, Arie van der Kruk and Meinard Sprenger) were invited to join a weekly training evening on board the lifeboat. Together with 5 crew members, we were provided with a safety suit, climbed on board and were pushed into the sea with the Caterpillar vehicle. First off to Vlissingen, then, after a few practice drills in the harbour, on to Breskens with a short stop at a sand dredger on the Westerschelde. It was a wonderful evening, we enjoyed it very much and learned a lot about this great organisation!

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