Contribution wood storage Stichting Behoud Hoogaars

The Stichting Behoud Hoogaars (SBH) has filed a request with the Family Fund for a financial contribution towards the realisation of a wood storage facility on the site of the SBH Shed in Vlissingen. The Foundation depends for its existence and activities on the generosity of sponsors. Because the Machinefabriek in Vlissingen was no longer available for the maintenance work and winter storage of the ships as of 2020, the SBH was able to build a new warehouse at Jachthavenweg 6 in Vlissingen, thanks to the conservative policy regarding the use of donations. However, because the ships are all made of (oak) wood, there is still an urgent need for a timber storage area in the warehouse, where the wood can dry after sawing.

Because the application certainly fits within the objective, the Administrators have now decided to make a financial contribution available from the Family Fund.

Family member Digna Sweerts de Landas-Sprenger is very supportive of the Foundation and says the following: “As soon as I heard that there were plans to establish a foundation for the preservation of the Hoogaarsen, I was interested. At the founding meeting, I became a sponsor and I still am. Unfortunately, I never had the time to actively participate, but sailing along is always a nice experience, during sponsor days or for a daytrip with family and/or friends. I am therefore very pleased that the Family Fund regularly contributes to projects. The first years at Meerman’s shipyard in Arnemuiden, then to winter maintenance and restoration in the old Schelde machine factory in Vlissingen and recently to wood storage at the new, private warehouse in Vlissingen.”

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