Flute Colors City Project Middelburg

Flute Colors Stedenproject

October 27, 2023, Koorkerk Middelburg

Project Flute Colors is an idea of Dutch flutist Rogier de Pijper. During his studies, de Pijper immersed himself in the possibilities of the flute, especially modern playing techniques. The original aim was to make the techniques newly developed in the 20th century for flute more accessible to a wider audience, both the listener and the amateur player. Rogier developed a teaching method that has now been translated into English and German and is used worldwide. Rogier also gives workshops and concerts internationally.

The Flute Colors Cities Project

Project Flute Colors expanded its goals in 2019 when cultural life was largely at a standstill due to Corona. Rogier sought contact with composers, poets and musicians active in the Netherlands and, while brainstorming, the Cities Project was born. Composers from the historical cities of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague were asked to write a new composition for flute and piano and (city) poets wrote a poem describing the city for each composition. This collaboration led to a successful premiere in the Amstel Church in Amsterdam. The city project is gradually expanding to other cities. Rogier works with professional musicians and poets.

City project Middelburg

Rogier de Pijper has been invited for this concert by flutist Maaike van der Heijdt, who lives and works in Middelburg. They have worked together before; in 2022, Rogier was a guest in Kapelle, where over 45 flutists took part in the Flute Colors workshop. Following this, and after the premiere in Amsterdam, the idea arose to realise a version of the city project together in Middelburg.

As one of the founders, Maaike van der Heijdt was involved in the programming of the Stichting Klassiek van Dichtbij. That Foundation has received several donations from the Family Fund, but unfortunately the founders were recently forced to dissolve the Foundation. A number of activities have stopped, but there are also new initiatives, including the present Flute Colors project.

A week before the concert, a workshop will be organised to which all amateur flute players and teachers from Zeeland are invited. For the concert, cooperation has been sought with poet/writer Anna de Bruyckere (city poet 2018-2019), pianist Rien Balkenende (organist in the Koorkerk and piano teacher at the Zeeland School of Music) and Middelburg composer Christian Blaha.

The programme

In 2022, Christian Blaha wrote a 4-part work for flute and piano dedicated to the flute-piano duo Maaike van der Heijdt and Rien Balkenende. In addition, this duo plays Rudolf Escher’s sonata. Rogier de Pijper plays 2 works from the Cities Project, where Anna De Bruyckere will create a text about Middelburg for one of these works. Rien Balkenende accompanies both flutists.

Goals of the project

  • To put the city of Middelburg in a different light in context with several other Dutch cities with a rich history. In this programme, these are Utrecht and Rotterdam.
  • Bring contemporary music and poetry closer to the listener in an accessible way, precisely because of the connection with the city and with the artists who live and work there now. The works form a whole and will be performed as a full concert programme.
  • Getting young people excited about poetry, classical music and getting them to take an interest in the history of their city. This angle offers them a new perspective. Contact will be made with schools and young people will be able to attend the concert at a discount.

The Hurgronje Family Fund made a financial contribution to the realisation of this project.

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