Update 2 on the restoration of the mausoleum

8 September 2023

Rien de Graaf, churchwarden of the Reformed Church of Stavenisse is kind enough to regularly update the Family Fund on the latest developments regarding the restoration of the mausoleum of the Lord of Stavenisse Hieronymus van Tuyll van Serooskerke. Several articles about this fascinating project can already be found on the website.

In July this year, we received the following message from Rien de Graaf:

The effigy is in Amsterdam in the studio of Tobias Snoep, two slots have been cut into it at the bottom and stainless steel strips have been placed in it to reinforce the statue. We are currently awaiting the outcome of the examination on how to handle the desalination; samples have been taken in consultation with TU Delft by Ms Barbara Lubelli and Hendrik Jan Tolboom of the RCE. The remaining parts are stored in the church due to lack of space in the studio in Amsterdam.

Another interesting piece of news is that filmmaker Sander Snoep, brother of the sculptor Tobias, is going to make a documentary about the restoration of the tomb.

Photos of the restoration’s progress can be found here.

Specifically, the following work has now been carried out:
Week 7:

  • Work floor raised to the floor height of the tomb.
  • Side pieces of tomb and front frames splinted and carefully lowered to flat on the floor and then packed into wooden crates.

Week 8:

  • All remaining parts of the tomb detached and packed for transport.
  • Loaded everything very carefully and left for Amsterdam, where everything was neatly stored in Tobias Snoep’s studio.

Week 9:

  • Chipped loose the stone-filled space between the tomb and the back wall and removed iron bar with dowels
  • Reinforced the underside of the back wall to prevent it from collapsing.

Week 11:

  • “Kick-off meeting” in the consistory on the restoration of the church and the mausoleum.
  • Scaffolding erected, skulls taken off and packed into crates.
  • Both “wildemannen” dismantled and packed.
  • Crown dismantled and packed.
  • Family coat of arms dismantled and packed.

Week 12:

  • Right half circle black marble disassembled and packed.
  • Crates made for various parts.
  • Left semicircle black marble and short sections of cornice dismantled and packed.
  • Cracked pilaster chopped loose and packed various parts.

Week 13:

  • Hourglass and corner pieces of the cornice dismantled and packed.
  • Left intermediate piece and upper skulls dismantled and packed. Preparations are being made in Amsterdam to cut slots in the front in order to reinforce the sculpture.
  • Both corner pieces dismantled and packed. In Amsterdam, slots are cut and stainless steel strips 1 cm thick and 5 cm high are successfully installed.
  • Preparation to dismantle the right-hand cornice.
  • All coats of arms dismantled and the crates with parts all tidied up and prepared for transport to Amsterdam.

Week 14:

  • All loose parts put together at the back of the church and all crated pieces moved there in view of transport to Amsterdam. Noir de Mazy parts stored in the tower.
  • Continued loosening the middle heavy part of the cornice.
  • Last part of the cornice chopped loose.
  • The rest cleared and partly measured in from the back of the monument. Amsterdam to finish the underside of the sculpture and return it to its usual position.
  • Remaining part of the monument measured in.

Week 15:

  • Preparation for dismantling cornice.
  • Left small pilaster dismantled, this will go to Amsterdam with three coats of arms for additional salt examination by Barbara Lubelli. Furthermore, everything selected and numbered for specimens to be examined by TU Delft.
  • In Amsterdam for partial removal of the reinforced plaster.
  • Work area in the church cleaned up.

Week 16:

  • Storage area behind the wooden pews shielded with wooden boards and started preparations for dismantling the cornices.
  • Right-hand cornice and middle cornice dismantled.
  • Middle Noir de Mazy piece above the text plate and left cornice dismantled.
  • Started by freeing the text plate at the rear to cut through the dowel for subsequent disassembly.

Week 17:

  • Continued removing the plaster on the Amsterdam statue.
  • Continuing with the removal of the plaster corset.
  • Removed brickwork behind the stone components to access the dowels.
  • Cleaned up in preparation for evening of singing in the church on 30 April.

Week 20:

  • Continued chopping loose the stones behind the natural stone back wall.
  • Some parts of the left side of the back wall dismantled.
  • Further dismantled left side back wall and text plate.

Week 21:

  • Further dismantled left side of back wall and removed masonry from behind tomb.
  • Removed dowels from back wall.
  • Removed part of the marble slabs and pilasters.
  • Cleaned up church for worship service use.

Week 22:

  • Dismantled right pilasters against back wall.
  • Removed dowels, including rest of loose parts.

Week 23: tidied up the church.

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