100 years of KNRM Westkapelle

17 June 2024

The book “Diekwerker tot Redder” on the history of the Westkapelle station of the Royal Dutch Rescue Society was presented at the National Lifeboat Day on May 25, 2024. Our Family Fund was one of the supporting bodies.

Ruben Roelse, volunteer at KNRM and one of the editors of the book said at the presentation, among other things: “KNRM is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, which was a reason for us to create a book about the founding of Westkapelle station, 100 years ago. Rescuers were interviewed and their stories are featured in the book. Stories about the past, but also how things are today. A combination of tough stories when people have to go out in any weather but also a story of someone who has been rescued.”

The book has been made possible thanks to donors and sponsors. Proceeds from sales flow back to the station. The money will be invested in new materials, such as a man-overboard doll that can be used to perform realistic exercises.
The book can be ordered from this website and costs 29.95€

See also this article from april 3, 2023.

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