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Middelburg has a premiere: since the end of January, the town has no less than two city artists.

Two juries of the Stichting Teeken Akademie Middelburg have pronounced their verdict. Christien van Driel was chosen in the category of city artist-enthusiast (16 entries), and Boris Peeters was chosen in the category of city artist-professional (15 entries).

The chosen city artists will be depicting Middelburg for a full year in their own way, according to the plans they have submitted. The website and social media will regularly report on their progress.

City drawing class

Apart from these two city artists, two “city drawing classes” have been appointed: vwo/tto class 2 of CSW Van de Perre, the class of teacher Lianne Scheers and group 6 of teacher Marjan Rouw of primary school Het Talent. They follow lessons, modelled after the drawing education of 1800: first after prints, then after plasters and finally after models. The project will run until the summer holidays of 2022.

Teeken Akademie Foundation

On November 11th 1778, the Teeken Collegie was opened in the attic of the Middelburg Weigh House.
A salient detail: the list of names of those who signed up for the Teeken Collegie in 1778 lists two ancestors of the Boddaert family as honorary members of the town of Middelburg.
From 1787, the Teeken Collegie continued its activities under the name Teeken Akademie. The Academy provided drawing lessons as was customary at the time.

The human being was the central theme, as it was seen as the most complex living being to draw and therefore required the most attention. Promotion to a higher class only took place when the skills from the previous class were sufficiently mastered.

On 7 May 1979, the Teeken Akademie Foundation was established. All the activities of the former Teeken Akademie have been brought together in this foundation since then. The aim of the foundation is to promote drawing, painting and architecture in the province of Zeeland, among other things by stimulating interest in the products of these arts.

For more information visit the website of the Stichting Teeken Akademie.

The Hurgronje Family Fund has made a financial contribution to the realisation of the project Stadstekenaars Middelburg.

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