Nesko to nature!

7 June 2023

From April 10 to 23, 2023, the Nesko (Nederlands Studenten Kamerorkest = Dutch Student Chamber Orchestra) performed another successful tour. The Nesko is a project orchestra that is reconstituted every year through auditions from students from universities and colleges across the Netherlands, who make music at an advanced level alongside their studies.

The Nesko is a unique project; no other Dutch student orchestra focuses entirely on making chamber music, while also fulfilling a significant social role by providing afternoon concerts for vulnerable groups.

In one week, an original and challenging programme is rehearsed under the direction of a renowned conductor. The orchestra then tours seven (student) cities in the Netherlands, including Middelburg.

This year’s Nesko theme was ‘Nesko to Nature! In today’s busy world, where everyone must always be available, it is sometimes very nice to be able to take a quiet moment in nature and get your thoughts completely in order. Many composers have also used nature as a source of inspiration, which is why we as Nesko want to emphasise this year how nice nature is in promoting creativity and relaxation.

The 59th edition of the Nesko visited Middelburg on April 21 with two concerts: a lunch concert in the Penitentiary Institution Middelburg and a regular concert in the New Church. The programme included a commissioned composition “Lamenti” by Karmit Fadael (1996), Violin Concerto in A minor by Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904), and Symphony No 7 in A minor by Ludwig von Beethoven (1770-1825). The orchestra was under the enthusiastic direction of conductor Sander Teepen.

The concerts in Middelburg were made possible by a financial contribution from the Hurgronje Family Fund.

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