Restoration church building of the Reformed Congregation Stavenisse

Exterieur kerkgebouw Hervormde Gemeente Stavenisse

Stavenisse’s Reformed Church has been a national monument since November 2019. The church was built in 1911 and partly due to the 1953 flood disaster, the walls have been severely affected by salt efflorescence. The stained-glass windows are still original but need to be re-glazed, parts of the church’s slate roof need repair and the consistory roof needs to be renewed in its entirety.

During the previous restoration in 2016, only the subsidisable parts were restored, namely the valley gutter and the roof area above the coat of arms, and the roof of the chapel that contains the mausoleum of Hieronymus van Tuyll van Serooskerken. Meanwhile, other restorations must also take place to preserve the church for the future.

The total restoration costs are estimated at €480,140. Most of these costs will be covered by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed and the Province of Zeeland (approx. €300,000), with the rest to be raised through fundraising.

Interieur kerkgebouw Hervormde Gemeente Stavenisse

The Hurgronje Family Fund made a small financial contribution to the restoration.

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