Renewal Zeeland maritime muZEEum


The Zeeuws maritiem muZEEum shows the fascinating maritime history of Zeeland, taking Walcheren and Vlissingen as its starting point. The muZEEum is one of the Canon Museums of the Netherlands, has been voted the most fun outing in Zeeland many times (which is extraordinary for a museum) and manages to attract more visitors every year (pre-corona). So, corona crisis aside, the muZEEum is doing well.

What requires attention is the current presentation. This is now 20 years old and badly in need of replacement. Also, the storyline is not clear to the public, is not interactive enough, the routing through the muZEEum is not logical and -because the museum attracts more visitors- faces a capacity problem. A revamp of the presentation also offers the chance to realise the great desire to appeal even more to a younger generation of visitors in particular.

A new layout

For the past two years, the muZEEum has been working on a new layout plan. This was done together with staff, specialists and experts from across the country and several specialised agencies.

“We are proud that we can now present a plan that we are convinced will contribute to strengthening the muZEEum as a top maritime attraction. For an (inter)national audience, for Zeeland’s own residents, but especially for a new generation of visitors.”

Principles for renewal

The basis of the renewal plan is to link the strong individual story of Walcheren and Vlissingen to Dutch and world history, with the collection managed by muZEEum being part of a polyphonic story about the past, but also about the present. The new presentation should captivate, challenge, encourage reflection and be layered, so that every visitor feels engaged.


The renovation plan provides for a phased realisation over a period of three years, which has now started (autumn 2022). Consequently, the museum will be closed until the summer of 2023. Follow the progress on the muZEEum website.

The Hurgronje Family Fund has made a financial contribution to the renovation plan.

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