Terra Maris Museum: new signage in the Hortus Zelandiae

Borden landschapstuin Terra Maris Oostkapelle

In late August 2021, the Family Fund received an application from Terra Maris Museum in Oostkapelle. It concerned a request for a financial contribution for the re-“signposting” of the Hortus Zelandiae landscape garden. This 2.5-hectare garden shows various Zeeland landscape types in miniature. This includes a piece of dune landscape and a creek remnant. But also an insect wall and a segment of a seawall.

Terra Maris’ mission

To provide information to a wide audience about Zeeland’s nature and landscape, with a central theme being the relationship with the, internationally speaking, unique genesis of Zeeland’s land, the interaction between man and nature. Generating support for the protection of the natural and cultural-historical values of the landscape.

Terra Maris tries to achieve its goal by:

  • setting up both permanent and alternating exhibitions;
  • assembling, archiving, managing and opening up collections related to nature and landscape in Zeeland;
  • establishing and maintaining a landscape garden;
  • organising educational activities.


Over time, a jumble of signs and boards had been erected to explain what can be seen and experienced in the garden. After 20 years, these signs were clearly in need of replacement, both in terms of content and materials. The museum decided to take the opportunity to make the signs more suitable for all ages, and with more interaction.

Terra Maris receives some 40,000 visitors a year, mainly families: (grand)parents with children and school groups. Discovering, adventuring and experiencing things yourself is very important, especially in our garden. That’s why we want to encourage visitors to explore and experience things for themselves through interactive information. So not just text, but also a butterfly feeding table, an insect window (different colours – which colour attracts the most butterflies?), buried tubes containing glass jars with objects (collection, such as mole, etc) with an assignment, etc.


“Recently, we were invited by the Terra Maris Board for a tour of the gardens to come and see the new information boards. The Fund made a substantial contribution towards this and the result is great! The volunteers there have worked extremely hard to develop a versatile and informative natural environment for young and old alike.

Highly recommended for family members staying in Zeeland and looking for a fun and interesting day out!”

Thus says Titia Bosch van Rosenthal

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