Young Zeeland Drawing Talent

Penning Vernuft en vlyt

The Young Zeeland Drawing Talent Prize is a new initiative recently launched by the Teeken Akademie in collaboration with the Knighthood of Zeeland.

The Teeken Akademie was founded in 1778 with the aim of enabling enthusiasts to further develop their talents and to provide vocational education to boys for their livelihood. Of the Knighthood of Zeeland established in 1814, several members were closely related to the founders and patrons of the Teeken Akademie. ALmost every year, the conducting members of the Teeken Akademie presented a medal to the best student, an initiative that has continued from 1822 with an added medal provided by the King.

This tradition, which continued well into the nineteenth century, has now been restored by re-awarding the original Vernuft en Vlyt medal, designed in 1778 by the Middelburg resident G. Kockers, to the Young Zeeland Drawing Talent. Starting with 2023 and then over the next five years. To this end, the company G.J. van den Bergh Zilverwerken in Schoonhoven was contacted to cast a number of replicas. An original from the collection of the Royal Zeeland Society of Sciences, kept in the Zeeuws Museum, was used as a basis.

On April 28, 2023, the medal was awarded to 14-year-old Kian Wisse. Having the medal created was made possible by a contribution from the Hurgronje Family Fund.

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